Left At The Atlar - Book Review

Television personality Kimberley Kennedy was enjoying considerable career success and, she thought, relationship success as she waited for her fiancé, radio mogul Lewis “Lew” Dickey Jr., to arrive for their wedding rehearsal. Only instead of rehearsing for their wedding that day, their relationship shattered when Lew said, “Kimberley, I just can’t do it.”

Five words changed Kimberley’s life forever. In the months that followed, Kimberley struggled to comprehend, accept and move forward from the pain, disappointment and rejection Lew’s change of heart caused. She was a celebrated news anchor who had been left at the altar. She wondered how she would emerge from her cocoon of depression; how she could ever face the public again.

But, emerge she did. With the help of friends and family, a whole lot of soul searching, and a renewed faith in God, Kimberley overcame the devastating humiliation she felt. By closely inspecting her actions, Lew’s actions and their relationship as a whole, she discovered the path that led her to being left at the altar – a path that was formed long before she met Lew.

Kimberley chronicles this experience in her book, Left At The Altar. Kimberley talks about why she wrote the book and the results of sharing her story.

What motivated you to write the book?
After several years went by after the ‘altar-cation’ and people were still wanting to talk about it I realized why....everybody’s been rejected! The circumstances may all be different but rejection’s rejection no matter how it happens. I wanted to share with women who are hurting what I learned about myself, about men, relationships, and God (faith) because it truly is a story of hope.

How as the response been from both men and women?
Beyond my expectations. I am hearing from women all over the world, as far away as Singapore, thanking me for articulating what they are feeling and for giving them hope. By the way, I have heard from a few men who reminded me that men get hurt, too. The principles in the book are universal.

Were you afraid of putting your story out there in book form so many years later?
The night before the article about the book came out in the AJC it was posted online. My sister called to tell me and I sat on my couch for a few minutes wondering if I had done the right thing, sharing so many personal situations, personal thoughts. Obviously it was a little too late to worry about that! But I felt so compelled to show other women who are hurting that you can never let your rejection define you (like I did for a long time) that it trumped any apprehension I might have had.

How long were you and Lew together before the incident?
Two years. The last year we were engaged.

Were you surprised/angry/bewildered that he sent you a Fed Ex letter? Had he tried to call or see you?
He never called before I got the letter. But as I write in the book, I was expecting it to say that he was sorry and wishing me well. Instead, it was just the opposite. Now I wish it had been the former!

How long were you back together before you broke it off for good?
On and off for probably two years. Not my best decision.

Do you think those who don’t believe in God or don’t have a strong faith like yours can find lasting happiness with the right person?
They do every day. But for me, personally, things run much smoother when God’s in control. Looking back, I wish I had turned that relationship over to God in the beginning and trusted Him with the outcome. I’m certain God would have ended it and I would have been sad, but it would have been a lot less painful than the way it eventually happened.

Are you married now?
No, still looking. But I’m he’s going to have to be really special! Know anybody?

Photo courtesy of Kimberley Kennedy